23 Mar

Website Performance Issues

“If I find I can’t raise my website, should I notify you immediately?”

No that is not necessary because every website is off the air for brief intervals from time to time. Usually such outages last for no more than 5 minutes. Maybe the webserver computer has to be re-booted, perhaps new software or hardware has to be installed or maybe there is a telephone line glitch somewhere. Maybe your ISP is just having a temporary problem. Although most professional webservers are up and running over 99.7% of the time, on very very rare occasions a service interruption can last for several hours.

Here’s what to do if you notice a problem. Firstly check to make sure you can raise a few other popular websites. This ensures that the problem is not related to your computer or to your Internet Service Provider. If all seems ok then re-check your own website at hourly intervals. If the problem exists beyond two hours then please phone or send us an email.

“I received an offer from some company offering to monitor my site and let me know if it went off the air. Is this kind of service helpful?”

Not really. They won’t know where the problem lay at the time they experienced a problem. It could be at their end, our end or any number of places between them and the webserver. And by the time you receive word the glitch has probably disappeared anyhow.

Why pay good money to be advised of momentary glitches you can probably do nothing about? Bear in mind that every website is off the air for tiny intervals from time to time. Maybe there was just a brief telephone network hitch somewhere in the trillions of cables which join us all together. Or sometimes the great internet phonebook in cyberspace gets momentarily scrambled and your website entry can’t be found. Usually such interruptions last 5 minutes or less.