Web designs that work

Like you, we prefer to keep things simple. In web design we go easy on graphics, preferring plain text as it is faster to download, easier to maintain, and of course it easy for Google to read and understand.

We will respond to your existing marketing materials, not impose our own preferences. We will not try to sell you a “new look” or logo, or use fonts that are outside your existing type faces. You have worked hard to establish that identity and we will not dilute it.

We will ask you about your customers – who they are? How old. What sex. What queries they have on the phone. We will strive to give you a design that meets these customer’s needs, rather than those of casual site visitors who are never going to buy your product.

We do “responsive” design – like this web site – if viewed on a tablet or a smart phone, it will resize pages and graphics to suit the display screen size in use.

What We Don’t Do

trusted SEO techniques
No nasties. No tricks.

We don’t do bogus link pages or link trades that offer no value to your customers. We don’t do splash pages that require an “enter” click to get into the site proper, we don’t frame other people’s web content, we don’t do automated pop ups, we don’t open separate browser windows… in other words, we don’t do things to your web site visitors that we hate having done to us.

If you are looking for a web design company that will work with you on creating or improving your web presence, who can advise you on search engine marketing, then call us today on (02) 6699 3800 to discuss your web project. See our excellent customer testimonies. View our portfolio of websites.