search engine optimisation
SEO – rise to the top

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO can be broken into two parts:

  • on-page optimisation, that’s all the things that can be done to a page to make it meet certain search phrases better …and…
  • off-page optimisation which are all the things that can be done on other web sites to build links and reputation of your web site.

The above descriptions are simplified as the SEO area is very specialised and outside the realm or interest of the average web designer. Also, the area is fast revolving as Google changes it’s ranking criteria several times a year. For example, Google now ranks mobile friendly web sites (like this one) more highly than those that aren’t.

You need to partner with a web design company that understands both processes and has invested in the tools and staff capable of collecting and analysing the information and advising you on what changes could be made to improve traffic to your site.

Nambucca Graphics offers an in-house SEO program to all our customers. Gathering information from Google Analytics we are able to rank any web site against its competitors on a collection of preferred keyword phrases. This allows us to give each site an overall score for “visibility” on Google. We can re-run our ranking reports at any time and get comparisons over time showing you whether your site is performing better or worse on Google. We are able to compare your progress to your competitors and see if you have taken position off them or vice versa.

Linking Service

Nambucca Graphics also offers backlink analysis to see how you are linked from other sites, what links your competitors have that could be of value to you and to find links that may be harming your site and holding you back.

Links are critical; they not only deliver immediate traffic, but they also improve your Google PageRank™ or “reputation” and this gets your web site moving up the search results pages.

Nambucca Graphics offers a link building service that focuses on well-known and trusted sites in NSW and Australia. Much of this work relates to directory sites and involves adding, claiming and correcting information about your business.