“Just letting you know what a great job you guys did on my new website. The colours, the design and everything about it is amazing. All done in a week. I really like how good it comes up on my iPad too as I take it with me and can show it to customers. You are easy to work with and any changes or queries are dealt with quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending you too any potential customers. Thanks Again.”

Brett Roberts
Bestclad Home Renewals

“I am writing to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the work you and the team at Nambucca Graphics have done to convert The Pump Industry Australia website to a “Content Management System” that we can self edit at any time.

The change occurred quickly and efficiently and without any loss of content or quality from our original site.

As we are an active Association with many members located throughout Australia we have frequent need to update our site with new information, photos & video, this system using “WordPress” as an editing tool is easy to use and produces great results.  I have been able to master the system with only one short phone tutorial and the use of on-line printed and video presentations.

I have no hesitation to recommending to other businesses who wish to ensure their website presentation remains current and vibrant the use of this system and the excellent support service provide by Peter Mitchell and his staff.”

Kevin Wilson

Pump Industry Australia

“Hey I don’t know if anyone has told you that you are a champion so consider yourself told “YOU ARE A CHAMPION”, it looks fantastic. I am so glad that we (Nambucca Graphics and I) have brought Destiny Motor Inn into the 21st century, hopefully now the web will start working for us.”

Carol Larkin – Manager
Destiny Motor Inn

“Just home from a few days holiday and viewed my new website. It’s incredible and you have done an amazing job Nambucca Graphics. I now see what you meant when you said the former website was not doing our place justice…. Thank you so much.”

Anne Perkins – Partner
Fernlea Farmstay NZ

“Thank you Nambucca Graphics for responding to a genuine cry for help. Your replacement website for Faringdon Retirement Village is far beyond anything we ever hoped for. Your pride and professional approach is obvious and so too is your genuine desire to really help people.”
(then 7 weeks later…)
“Thank you again Nambucca Graphics, I am delighted with our Google rankings and with Nambucca

Ian & Lorraine Opperman – Managers
Faringdon Retirement Village

“Thank you so much for using your talent, skill and creativity to produce our most impressive website. We are delighted with the result. We also appreciate your time and advice in helping us to promote our B&B. Your generosity and guidance is greatly appreciated and we thank you again.”

Frank & Jeanette O’Driscoll
Cronulla Retreat B&B

“Greetings Nambucca Graphics! The website is fantastic! We are both thrilled.”

Tony Wood
Headlands Beach House

“Nambucca Graphics, I knew you’d like to see this unsolicited message we just received…. “Never mind the accommodation (which does, of course, look fantastic), it’s the website that really blows us away. Fantastic designs, pictures in good format so they download quickly, easy to navigate around.  It’s one of the best web-sites we’ve come across.”

(then again around a year later)… “The place is pretty well booked out right through  to January with guests coming from New York University, Ireland and the UK together with repeats from NSW,
Victoria and Tasmania.  All in all the website has been most successful for which we are very grateful to you.”

Alan Thompson – Proprietor
970 Adventure Bay Cottage

“The new website has definitely increased our sales. A recent enquiry we got via the website resulted in us winning the contract for a very elaborate pool project which will cost close to $100,000. That’s another reason why I’m now writing to say thanks.”

Garry Buckley – Proprietor
Aquaform Pools

“I just wanted to send you a big “THANKS” for creating the Choice Collections Website. We are very impressed! There are a couple of very small things I need to discuss with you and I will call you sometime today to catch up. Once again, thank you very much and I hope it works as well as it looks!.”

Rose Bryant – Principal
Choice Collections

“I have been meaning to contact you and thank you for your fabulous service. The new replacement website has been attracting more enquiries… and bookings.”
Julie Saravanos – Proprietor
Grassy Head Hideaway

“Thank you Nambucca Graphics. All going really well with the website enquiry forms and we get heaps of enquiries. Everyone loves the website and you get wonderful compliments. Thank you again.”
(then 10 months later)
“our forward bookings have never been so good so we are very happy with the way the website is working for us.”
Annette Young – Proprietor
Milky Way Villas – Lord Howe Island

“On behalf of the Nambucca River Combined Probus Club, I wish to convey our thanks to you for the outstanding professional job you have done to create a website for us. The feedback so far has been excellent.”
Christine Birch – Hon. Secretary
Nambucca River Combined Probus Club

“Hi Nambucca Graphics, we’ve been through the site – how exciting. It’s looking good and is so easy to navigate. We are overwhelmingly delighted. A big “THANK YOU”. A celebratory drink is in order and coming up !”
Rita Spencer – College Director
College of Applied People Skills
(now closed)

“The revised web site is great and more than everything I had hoped it could be. Thank you so much.”
Emily Presser-King – Proprietor
Way Way Forest Lodge

“Our “Custard Hill” macadamia farm has been sold. We had a lot of enquiries via the website, including some from UK, South Africa, NZ and Hong Kong. Even quite a few enquiries that came in after we had exchanged contracts were strong sale possibilities.”
Kerri & Gordon Robinson
Custard Hill Macadamia Farm

“On another note, I would like to let you know that the website is working very well for us and we have had a lot of feedback saying that it was easy to find us using the internet.  The other comment is that everyone who has visited the website said that it looks terrific.  Thank you for your professionalism on the preparation of our website.”
Maureen Parkyns
Sylvan Glade Naturist B&B

“Hi there superstar. I sent an order to myself then watched my first dummy order arrive with complete success…wow! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Happy with the new pics of me on the site
too… are you ok with them now? All looks great, you have done goooood.”
Veronica Robilliard
Robilliard Art

“Thank you Mr. Tonkin for the wonderful website that you made for Sister Yvonne Channells at Bethany House and the people of Turkana in Kenya. I have found it very useful because our parish in Geneva Switzerland is twinned with the parish in Lodwar Diocese in Kenya. Your website gave our parishioners such insight into what it is like out there. A Big Thank You!”
Alex Seutcheu
Geneva Switzerland

“THANK YOU (I meant to put in the caps)! for all your trouble. I’m getting some very positive feedback and everyone is impressed. Good Work!”
Patricia Clune
Pyrite Pyramid

“The new website is great! Simple and informative. This is just what we wanted and I thank you.”
Suresh Kumar – Director
Cameron Highlands Community Service Centre

“Thank you for all you have done for us regarding our website. My discerning friends are very impressed.”
Alan Thompson – Partner
970 Adventure Bay

“Thanks Nambucca Graphics, what a great job! This is just what the doctor ordered. I have sent your draft email to Members with one small change. I have replaced the word ‘satisfactory’ with the word ‘excellent’.”
Kevin Wilson – Secretary
Pump Industry Australia Inc

“I have just had a look at the new site and its absolutely great. Lou and I love everything about it so we’re very pleased. Thanks heaps.”
Jim Thomson – Proprietor
The Sandalwood Shop

“Sorry we haven’t emailed you sooner but we have been flat out with the B & B ever since you created a website for our business. It has already made a difference of about 50%…(then
7 months later)… We are still taking many bookings off the website which is great.”
Leigh & Cherry – Proprietors
Valla Beach Bed & Breakfast

“How delighted I was to see the results of so many hours of creative research and energy you so generously put into our new website. The challenge was certainly above the average and you more than excelled. How you could produce such an interesting site with the scrappy pieces of information I gave you is a miracle. Thanks a million on behalf of us all.”
Sr. Yvonne Channells – Missioner
Diocese of Lodwar – Kenya

“The website is wonderful. Bernie and I took a look at it together and we are so pleased. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done.”
(then again three months later)
“We have had many wonderful comments regarding our web pages and I thank you again.”
(then 15 months later…)
“Website doing well and everyone loves our music intro. If you ever think of any other improvements let me know. We are extremely happy with the way you manage our site.”
Lynne Guerini – Partner
Denham Villas

“Nambucca Graphics, the site is fantastic! It was much more than we had expected. Many thanks for all the hours you  invested.”
John Tait – President
Nambucca Heads Tennis Club

“Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on our website. It was good to deal with someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to advertising. It never happens that easy with television, radio or newspapers.”
Brett Roberts – Proprietor
Bestclad Home Renewals

“Overall, everyone who sees it says it is fantastic. You really have done a wonderful job. Thanks heaps.”
Carol Booth – Proprietor
Stillpoint Bed & Breakfast

“The effect you have achieved is great and just what we were looking for. It adds another dimension to the site and follows the “garden” theme very well. By the way, we sent out a general email to all our friends and relatives to view the new website. All replies so far (quite a few) have been very complimentary. Well done.”
Peter Gatcum – Partner
Cedar Creek B&B

“Fantastic Nambucca Graphics, you seem to have tapped into my thought waves and even created more than I expected. My friends like the new website and responded with comments like “excellent”, “very good” and “hard to beat”.
Raymond Bove
EQ Muscle Release

“Thank you for the excellent job you have done in creating our new website. We are both very happy with the outcome.”
Kevin & Glenda Wilson
Yarrahapinni Homestead B&B

“I can honestly say our small website investment is the best advertising dollars we’ve ever spent. Continuous  advertising on the Internet costs less than a small one issue advert placed in a single ‘so-so’ magazine. And the website is giving proven results which is more than we can say about most other advertising.”
Brian Hoad – Partner
Nambucca River Tourist Park

“The website looks great and we’re very pleased about all the traffic to the site. We usually have a very slow August but the weekends have been very busy. What with the new website and the Great Outdoors program it must be working.”
Belinda Nixon
Oakhampton Homestead

“Hi Nambucca Graphics, Fantastic!!! New pages look unreal!!! Thanks.”
Renea Lake – Partner
Sportfishing Safaris

“We’ve been down to Christchurch and have just caught up with the new website. We were very impressed with the quality of the photos and how attractive you made it all seem. So thank you very much and please advise how we should reimburse you.”
Marieann Kennedy
Sandspit B&B – Marahau N.Z.

“I would like to thank you for getting my domain name set up and Home page operational so quickly. You have achieved more for me in the past six hours than I have been able to achieve with other so called experts during the past two months. Once again, thank you.”
Garry Schiele
Cousins Motor Inn

“Congratulations!! The site really does look good. You have done a great job and we do appreciate the effort you have made to work to the deadlines we put on you. Thank you for your continued attention to detail. We have again recommended you and told everyone what a great job you have done and how refreshingly reliable you have been.”
Vanessa Hickey
Midcoast Trucks

“Wow, what a great job you have done. It looks so good think I will have a holiday there! Truly a great job and thanks a lot”…(then 9 months later).…”it’s a great site and we’re getting many bookings from it. Received a three day booking from New Caledonia yesterday”
Lynn & John Sheppard
The Nambucca Resort

“Our cheque is attached and we thank you for your fine work. Bring your wife for a free meal one night as an extra gesture of our appreciation.”
Marilyn Redman – Proprietor
Destiny Motor Inn

“What you came up with has saved me lots of money and the site looks really  good. Thanks again, I’m so glad you spoke to me at the Eumundi Markets.”
Veronica Robilliard – Artist
Robilliard Art

“Following your construction of our replacement website we have received a number of comments from parties making accommodation reservations at our resort. Suffice to say all comments have been positive and to date we have not received a single criticism or suggestion on how to further improve our site. Thanks for a job well done.”
Len Whittaker – Director
Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort

“We congratulate and thank you for the wonderful job you did on our website which led to the sale of our macadamia farm. The response was way beyond our expectations and the feedback we got regarding the site was really terrific. One comment on the excellent website came from someone working in your industry.”
Glenn & Chris Birch
Lilamaga Macadamia Farm

“Our Committee were undivided in their approval of the new web site. Unanimous acclaim.”
Ian MacDiarmid
University of the 3rd Age

“Thanks for a superb job! I’m really pleased with the site and appreciate the extra effort you put into it. Many thanks again.”
Chris Gough – Proprietor
Wongabel Farm Stay

“A big thank you. We were all very excited to see our new Home Page. You have done a wonderful job and we are very happy….. Once again thank you so much.”
Scott & Liska Roberts – Proprietors
Hope & Adventure Farmstay

“The reason we referred Renea Lake to you was simply that we felt you do a thoroughly professional and prompt job. We were more than happy with our new website and think you will do just as good a job for Renea.”
(and at a later date)

“It’s a pleasure to advise you of the great feedback we are getting from the website you designed for us. We receive regular comments on how well put together the site is. Some more specific comments are “what a great idea to see your photo when we send email to you…” “your site is so interesting and colourful…” “we chose to stay with you because your web site was the best…” “your website is fantastic, who designed it?…” ”
Debbie & Gary Coyne – Proprietors
Shark Bay Cottages

“Thanks for all your hard work which is now reaping a reward”
(and on a later occasion)

“I would like to thank you for designing my web page as I have been receiving a fair amount of work.”
(and on a later occasion)

“I must take this opportunity to let you know how well my website is working. For the past two years I have had as much work as I need (for a retired fellow) and it keeps coming in quite regularly thanks to my website….. it is doing the job that we intended it to do.”
Mike Posford
Midcoast Graphology

“Wonderful to work with a person that not only does what he said he will do BUT completes it ahead of time. You told me about the 5th of December and here it is only the 3rd and my page is there! I was showing my wife the Shark Bay Tourism site. Lo and behold our home page is there. I don`t know who received the bigger shock, my wife or myself. The least I can say is you have done well and “well done”. I look forward to working with a professional.”
Errol R Francis
Unreal Fishing Charters

“We rely on your expert guidance and advice in the management of our Website… have long provided us with innovative site designs. ….fast and efficient service…. you continue to
excel…. Without the valued involvement of Nambucca Graphics, our site would not be as highly ranked or as effective in search engine recognition.
Greg Russell – Managing Director
Speedy Corporation Pty Ltd

“I just wanted to thank you for setting up my website. It has been favourably commented upon by quite a few of those who have made hits on it over the months it has been in operation. I have sold over 240 copies of my book and already accolades have been coming in by email, cards and telephone.”
Graham Lovegrove
Lovegrove Family Society

“Wow!! What a beautiful bouncing baby girl you have delivered for us! She would score 10 out of 10 on any apgar score card. I particularly liked the way you have used the frieze from the bedroom and the leadlight in the hallway. It looks lovely. Also liked the music. Thanks for all your work.”
Lynne Ferencz – Proprietor
Mrs Philpotts Boutique Cottage

“Excellent job Nambucca Graphics. I really appreciate the work you put into it…. So, again, thank you. You are really good at what you do.”
John Elliott – Proprietor
Prickle Patch Signs

“Very happy with end result… very professional. I may opt for another domain name at a later date but at this stage what you have done is excellent.”
John Ekert – Proprietor
Tyrepower Grange

“Just wanted to tell you again how pleased we are with the website. You’ve done a terrific job. Everyone I’ve showed it to is also very impressed.”
Lynne Ferencz -Proprietor
Duck House B&B – Burnie TAS

“We were very impressed with the professionalism of the website you designed for us. The design and organization is superb and it has generated a lot of enquiries to our establishment.
Joan & Robbie Scott – Proprietors
Riverview Lodge

“Thanks for helping us sell our property. We received heaps of praise about the website such as ‘who did your website…it looks wonderful…and… It made me want to instantly pack my bags and move up there.’  A great job Nambucca Graphics.”
Wendy & Jonathan Ritchie
Wai Levu in Paradise